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Company History

AIB Management is a division of the Arun Bhatia Development Organization (ABDO) responsible for the management, leasing, and sales of various luxury apartments in ABDO's portfolio across Manhattan. Since ABDO's inception in 1980, the organization has completed or is developing projects in Manhattan in excess of $1 Billion dollars with over 2,000 luxury condominiums, co-ops and rental units. Some of the notable condominium projects in Manhattan are The Strand, The Stanford, The Whitney, The Dunhill and several others. The organization has also expanded its focus to include student housing, creating over 1,900 outstanding, leading-edge living spaces in Manhattan for students of prestigious universities. The developer’s last super luxury condominium project was 139 Wooster Street, which was a major success and also has prime retail space with The North Face as major tenant.

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